The Courier Mail Latest Newspaper To Clamber Aboard The iPad Saviour Boat

The iPad's going to save newspapers, doncha know. The latest Australian paper crying out to the Cupertino heavens for not-quite-eternal salvation is Queensland's The Courier Mail, which has launched its iPad app this week. Here are the details:

The paper has put together a dedicated iPad team in the newsroom that will update the app twice a day, seven days a week. The app will cost $7.99 to buy and $7.99 a month to continue getting the updates.

But best of all is the description of just where the iPad app fits into the Courier-Mail's news delivery strategy:

The printed newspaper will remain the once a day flagship news diary; the website will continue to focus on breaking news; and the iPad will straddle both, with two editions each day, videos, photo galleries and the ability to be updated as news breaks.

Anybody else think that the term "straddle both" shouldn't ever be used outside of a novel by Angus Kidman?


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