The 2010 Gizmodo Gift Guide: Gifts For Kids

The 2010 Gizmodo Gift Guide: Gifts For Kids

 title= What better way to carve the path for your kids to become geeks than filling their Santa sack with gadgets?[imgclear]


 title=Windowsill Fairy Jar, $30 Someone went to Hyrule and captured a heap of fairies, stuffing them in glass jars and selling them on the Internet. Using solar power (or a single AA battery), the fairies are 6 LED lights that fade in and out and can be woken up with a shake of the jar. [Latestbuy] [imgclear]


 title=Star Wars Boba Fett Helmet, $99 Every parent wants their child to grow up to be an honourable Jedi, but if the Force is weak in your little one, at least they can pretend to be the galaxy’s best bounty hunter. [Myer] [imgclear]


 title=Ferrari Enzo Ride On Car, $985 The only problem with buying your kid a ride-on Ferrari Enzo is the inherent fear that they’ll grow up to create an exceptionally crappy portable gaming console before writing off their toy car driving in California. [Elite Toys] [imgclear]