The 2010 Gizmodo Gift Guide: Gifts For Dad

The 2010 Gizmodo Gift Guide: Gifts For Dad

 title=Many of us inherited our gadget lust from our fathers. Christmas is the perfect time to repay the favour.[imgclear]


 title=Wine Bottle Lock, $25 Remember when you were a teenager and you broke into your dad’s booze cupboards and drank yourself stupid during exam time? Time to pay the old man back with this wine bottle lock so it never happens again. [Latestbuy] [imgclear]


 title=Bush Walker DAB+ Digital Radio, $129 In the era of podcasts and iPods, you don’t really get your dad’s love affair with radio, do you? But he loves it, which is why he’ll love this portable DAB+ radio as a gift… [Bush Australia] [imgclear]


 title=Samsung Navibot Robot Vacuum Cleaner, $999 Give your dad the gift of robot cleanliness this Christmas. Samsung’s Navibot does a surprisingly good job, and is so cute you could call him Rex and give him as a pet. [Samsung] [imgclear]