TDK's New Boomboxes Put Their Speakers Where You Can See 'Em

TDK's handsome new boomboxes aren't about to make the common concession of putting an iPod dock front and centre. Their designs are an updated take on the classic ghetto blaster: business in the front, and party in the front, too.

TDK's new audio line, which includes two boomboxes, a unique little sound cube, a turntable and a pair of headphones, all exhibit the thinking that music should be nice to look at as well as listen to. The 3 Speaker Boombox is the flagship of the line, and it's gorgeous.

The 6" subwoofer drive (15 watts), flanked by two 6" speakers (10 watts each), take up a good deal of the piano glass acrylic front of the boombox, leaving room for both chunky retro dials and capacitive touch buttons that illuminate to life when the stereo's turned on. Inputs include standard 3.5mm and auxiliary ports, as well as USB for handling iPod/MP3 player/smartphone duty which allows the burden of audio processing to be lifted off the portable device and shifted to the boombox itself. It can play files off of USB sticks and also has AM/FM radio. Any two of these inputs can be used and mixed dynamically, so you can plug in a guitar or microphone and jam along to the radio or a song on your iPhone. Or conveniently play two of Zaireeka's four discs.

The 2 Speaker Boombox is similar—it drops the middle subwoofer and gains significant portability because of it (both can work with AC power or a shit ton of 'D' batteries) and the Sound Cube fits the same aesthetic on a 10" box, putting a speaker on each side and relying on reflected sound to enhance the stereo effect.

The line won't be out until sometime around April of next year, with the 3 Speaker Boombox running $US499, the 2 speaker boombox going for $US399, and the Cube coming in at $US299. But if you're looking for a relatively affordable boombox that you'll enjoy looking at and listening to, TDK might have the ticket. [TDK]

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