Spotify's US Launch Has Unsurprisingly Been Delayed Again

The much-loved European music service Spotify won't be launching in the US this year, as planned. Considering there's just 23 days until the end of the year (and it was originally meant to launch last year), it's not surprising.

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According to reports, Spotify hasn't actually signed a single licensing agreement with any music publishers. That's cost them their many deadlines for launching in the US—and with Apple rumored to be readying a cloud-based streaming version of iTunes, if Spotify doesn't launch in the next six months it may be all over, red rover.

In Europe, they've got 750,000 paying subscribers (myself included), who cough up a maximum of £10 a month for the streaming service. The free service is ad-supported, and unable to be used on mobile phones. Daniel Ek, Spotify's CEO, has said that when—or rather, if—the service launches in the States, it'll cost $US10 a month. [CNET and Yahoo News

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