Scratch 'N Sniff The Moon In These Limited Edition Prints

What does the moon smell like? Gunpowder, apparently. Artist Sue Corke has created a scratch 'n sniff print of the moon, working from an Apollo 16 astronaut's memories - which you can buy for between $US55 to $US428.

Charles M. Duke Jnr worked with flavourist Steven Pearce from Omega Ingredients to get the smell downpat, which was then turned into an ink by The Aroma Co for Sue Corke's print. Supposedly it's a well-known fact amongst astronauts that the moon has the faint odor of gunpowder, presumably because of the basalt rock which came from the lava flows thousands of years before us. While there's no air on the moon to breathe, the rocks they always collect up there can be smelled once aboard the spacecraft.

The prints themselves are pretty pricey though - there are 300 prints, so it's quite limited edition, and they cost between $US55 to $US428. [AOL via MentalFloss via Photojojo]

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