Rumour: Google TV Manufacturers To Delay CES Announcements

Next month is CES - you could call it the highlight of the tech industry's calendar, but I prefer calling it "hell". You'd think we'd be seeing heaps of new Google TV hardware there. But no - Google isn't ready.

Samsung, Toshiba and Vizio are just some of the companies we'd heard are close to announcing TV and remotes for the web video interface next month, joining Sony and Logitech who already have products on the market. Now though, the New York Times is reporting that Google's requested all the hardware manufacturers to hold off from showing off their new Google TV products, until the updated version of the OS is ready.

It could be the lacklustre reception Google TV has had as well, from reviewers as well as customers - or, a case of Google not having prepared the app store in time. [NY Times]

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