Rockin Around The Christmas Tree, With iPads

Do you know why this holiday season is a special one? Because it's the first year we get the gift of Christmas carols played entirely on tablets! Northpoint Community Church's all-iPad band is already rocking out quite festively.

Here are the carols Northpoint's band played, and the apps they used to play them:

"Carol of the Bells" SoundGrid NLogFree Melody Bell Guitarist (Nylon String) iGog (MoreVox Acoustic 1 sound) Bassist Guitarist (Electric)

"Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" iGog Bassist Guitarist Pocket Organ Saxophone Musicofx Percussions (Tambourine)

"Feliz Navidad" Percussions iGog (Rock Kit 1 sound) Bassist Guitarist Bebot Pianist T-Pain

[Thanks Adam]

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