Roar: T-Rex's Tooth Used As Glossy Finish For Luxury iPhone 4

Oh, my quivering kneecaps. Do you remember digging for dinosaur fossils in your backyard as a young lad/lass, vowing that one day you'll own a genuine dino souvenir? Now's your chance - for $US62,700, thanks to Stuart Hughes.

That's the same Stuart Hughes who's painted every imaginable Apple product gold, or garnished them with diamonds. Now, it appears he's moved onto using valuable T-Rex teeth for these 10 iPhone 4s.. .along with dust from a meteor. Yes, really. It's like one of those bad three wolves t-shirts, condensed into an overpriced iPhone 4 case. [Stuart Hughes via LuxuryLaunches via OhGizmo via SlashGear via DVICE]

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