Record Your Entire Life for $780 With The Vicon Revue

Earlier this year, I wore this pack-of-cards shaped box around my neck for two days, recording everything in front of me in VGA photo format. Microsoft licensed the tech to Vicon a while back, who're now selling it as the Revue.

I must warn you, though - this thing is too expensive, for what it is. Selling for £500 in the UK (which is around $780), the lifecaster takes a couple of 640x480 resolution photos a minute with its wide-angled lens, storing them on the internal 1GB memory (enough space for 30,000 photos, or around 100 hours of lifecasting). Changes to temperature and light control the photo-taking - snapping as many as eight photos a minute. In fact, there's some brilliant tech in there - a temperature sensor, infrared motion detector, multi-axis accelerometer and compass.

You'd have to be pretty serious about recording every minute of your life, if you are considering dishing out that much dosh for a Revue. It'd be far more useful buying the Looxcie video camera instead. [Vicon via PopSci via GizMag]

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