Prank Loved Ones This Chrimbo With The Pet Petter Gift Box

I love PrankPack's fake boxes, which fool the recipients into thinking they've just unwrapped a Dream Griddle alarm clock or iArm mount for Apple gadgets, like we've seen before. A new one - and personal fave - is the Pet Petter box.

The Pet Petter is for poor sad pets who no longer get any cuddles. It goes at a speed of 85ppm (pets per minute)... or it would, if it were a real product. Because you see, these gift boxes are completely empty, with the idea being you put the real gift inside and trick the recipient. You better not put a real alarm clock or pet grooming tool in these boxes, or you may just get throttled.

Prank Pack's second new box this year is the family Slanket (sorry, Blankeez), which fits eight people - and even a 4WD, so could even double up as a car cover! Or it could, if you know, it were real.

A special offer for today will net you five for $US25, otherwise order as many as you want over on the product page here: [PrankPack]

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