Official Google Reader App For Android Now Available

Android: Google's Reader web app is pretty good, but we've longed for an official, native Google Reader app since we started using Android. Today, Google made that dream come true, with extras like volume-key navigation, multiple accounts, and sharing.

The app really is a great self-contained version of Google Reader, offering full searching and subscribing capabilities right from the app. You can also use multiple accounts, sync your preferences and share articles with your friends (as well as view their shared articles).

Among the features you'd come to expect, however, are a few cooler features that we're really excited about. Top on the list is volume-key navigation, which, one enabled in the settings, will allow you to skip through your feeds quickly (à la the j and k shortcuts in the desktop webapp). You can also long-press a folder or a subscription to rename it, unsubscribe from it, or change folders. And, as with most Android apps, you can hit the menu button to send an article to other apps like Facebook, Gmail, and Twitter. If you're still unsatisfied with the Android RSS readers out there, we highly suggest giving this one a go.

Google Reader is a free download for Android phones. It's available in the Android Market, but you'll have to scroll down a bit to find it. Alternatively, hit up the QR code to the right to download it right away.

The Android Google Reader App is Here!

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    While I'll be keeping my eye on it, this first effort it a pretty big disappointment.

    First and foremost, like all the Google apps for Android it suffers from an unfortunate case of GIGANTIC FONT SYNDROME which makes the interface feel clunky, designed towards children or the elderly, and fits less information. While volume key navigation is nice, it's hardly new (my main Google Reader app NewsRob has had it for ages).

    It's also slow and in desperate need of some offline caching. The setup process also got stuck for me (it asked me which Google account I wanted to synch Reader with - I chose my main one but couldn't get any further until I un-selected it and chose my secondary account - I then had to go back and choose my main one again).

    Terrific. Shame I paid for a third-party reader app the day before this came out.

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