Nikon Patent Could Lead To DSLR Moviemaking Dream Lens

So you got a nice new DSLR for Christmas, and it can take impressive HD video too! That said, you'll probably notice that simultaneous zooming and refocusing is less than ideal. A new Nikon lens patent aims to fix that.

While such a lens is unsurprising, given the incredible interest in DSLR filmmaking these days, it is nevertheless very welcome (should it see the light of day).

Should the lens land in prosumers' hands, they can expect an experience that will involve a single lens that can zoom by hand (manual mode) or automatically in its movie/video-making mode. Again, such a lens is not surprising in the least, but it's still great to see Nikon R&D putting design to paper. [Egami via Nikon Rumors via Engadget]

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