New Campaign To Teach You About Gaming Parental Controls

Given that we are potentially on the verge of getting a new adult classification for video games, it makes sense that the Interactive Games and Entertainment Association is being a little more proactive about education parents on the parental controls in this generation of consoles.

The videos feature ABC sports presenter Stephanie Brantz, and are extremely basic. But given the target audience - parents without an understanding of gaming - that's actually a good thing. They also only extend to the current MA15+ rating, which means they'll (hopefully) need to be redone in the near future if the AGs decide to add an R18+ rating to games classification.

The difficulty with these videos is getting parents without games knowledge to actually see them. While the Giz audience may know all this stuff already, sharing this info with non-gaming parents is a good move.

Here are all the videos. If you know any parents that should be taking advantage of parental controls, feel free to share the links:

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