Never Brown Bag Your Lunch Again

If you pack a lunch, odds are you're going one of two paths: the (wasteful) disposable bag, or (shudder) some sort of grade school lunchbox. Choose neither. This lunch tote is made of durable waxed canvas, and looks damn handsome.

The Artifact Bag is $US45, but comes with a hell of a lot more craftsmanship than your average bag: a sturdy weather strap, copper rivets, and most importantly, the aforementioned waxed canvas—one of the oldest and most effective water repellent materials out there. It may just be a a lunchbox, yes, but it's great design—hardy enough to protect your banana and egg salad, while using the same low-tech approach of tents and jackets to keep your meal dry. No Gore-Tex or nylon here—just old materials being implemented well. Which means you'll be able to hold on to this thing for many, many lunches to come—and not stick any more paper or plastic in the trash. Good design is the kind you use daily without knowing it, so the ol' afternoon sandwich is a solid place to start. [Artifact Bag Co. via Uncrate]

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