Man Wrongly Accused Of Murder On Facebook Flees Home

Currently, 23-year-old Triz Jefferies must be going through hell. Apparently someone with a very cruel sense of humour decided to post his name and photo on a Facebook page dedicated to finding the Kensington Strangler, a serial rapist and killer.

As a result of that Facebook post, "a group of people began sending text messages, posting flyers" and reposting the claim that Jefferies was linked to at least three murders and several sexual assaults. The man finally called the police and sought to clear his name after an angry mob gathered around his home:

Afraid of the crowds surrounding his house, the man submitted to a DNA test and was cleared in the case. He told police that he thought somebody was "trying to mess with me."

Police are investigating who was behind the false information.

Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey reiterated the man's innocence at a press conference today.

"He is not a suspect, he is not connected with this," Ramsey said.

There are still flyers and Facebook messages floating around accusing Jefferies of the crimes, but police are reminding folks to pay attention to official announcements from the local PD and not random Facebook postings. [ABC via Brisbane Times]

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