Make Your iPhone The Heart And Soul Of Your Car Stereo

I get incensed when I'm in a new car and there's no way to plug in my iPod. Get with the times, car manufacturers! Or bring them up to speed yourself, with the O'Car, a dedicated iPhone-based head unit.

Oxygen Audio's O'Car has a RDS radio tuner and a 4x55W amp, but the magic happens when you strap in your iPhone. The rotating mount charges your phone and holds it horizontally or vertically, letting you play tunes through the iPod app or Pandora radio, put your iPhone to work as a GPS navigator, or make hands-free calls over your car's speakers. Or play Infinity Blade while you're in bumper to bumper traffic.

Aside from radio, the O'Car doesn't do much on its own, so hopefully it won't be too pricey when it's officially debuted at CES in January. All I know is that I wouldn't shed a tear if I had to retire that stack of half decade old CD-Rs that are shoved in my car's every nook and cranny. [O'Car via Wired]



    My iPad is my car stereo, and holds a lot more songs than my iPhone.

    Well, the iPad is connected to the car stereo via an auxiliary input at the back of the headunit, and the iPad is mounted on the dash.

    Before that, I used the iPhone in the same way.

      How did you mount the iPad? Send us a pic -

    Soo want, would be a dream to include:
    - Dab+ (haven't seen any dab+ head units yet, stupid non standard standard...)
    - external GPS input with external antenna support (for improved city navigation)

    and whilst i'm dreaming... add a odb-II port to connect the car diagnostics for even more info on the front display... (and if your really good, the Navigation app can use distance counter when inside tunnels or low GPS signal)

    beep, beep, beep.... and then the Alarm clock went off...

    I was looking for something similar only a month ago, but in a double din size. Ended up installing a proper head unit instead. It's good to see a company using their skulls and bringing a product like this into the market. Should do well at the right price.

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