Magic Carp-Pet Gives You A Virtual Aquarium In Your Living Room

Always wanted a fish tank but don't want to have to go through the hassles of cleaning it? You'll probably love this concept design from ClarkeHopkinsClarke Architects, which combines a specially designed carpet with a specially designed coffee table to give the impression that the fish are swimming as you move around the table.

As described by the team at CHC:

When the rug is viewed through the specially designed glass coffee table, an animation of carp appears through a moire effect providing a surprise element of natural liveliness to the interior. The graphic apparition, replacing the traditional fish tank, is also a nod to the decreasing abundance of our most precious natural resource - water. Mythologically, the carp symbolises bravery and fortune. Linguistically, the “carp” becomes a humorous extraction of the “carpet” that reveals this intriguing little conversational piece on the floor.

Here's hoping it becomes a real product...

[Melbourne Architects]

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