Lumi Mask Sleep Goggles Wake Wearer Up Slowly And "Naturally" With LEDs

Like a personal SAD light that wakes you up in the mornings with "natural" light, the Lumi Mask can be programmed with the wake-up time in evenings. 30 minutes prior to that time in the morning, it begins glowing softly.

The idea is that the ever-brightening light will wake you up slowly and naturally, like normal light from the window would do, finishing with a beep at the end of the "sunrise." Perfect for those grey mornings, or if your partner doesn't like sleeping with the curtains open.

Taylor Franklin Hide's Lumi Mask is on Kickstarter now, asking for a minimum of $US1 investments to help get the project off the ground. He's almost got half of his $US10,000 target, at $US4,568 at the time of writing, so if being a part of the project (and securing one for yourself) appeals, go forth O Sleepy One. [Kickstarter via CrunchGear]

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