Let These Comedians Teach You How To Be Funny On Twitter

Over at The Splitsider, our dear friend Adam Frucci talks to some comedians (including Giz favourite Peter Serafinowicz) about how their kind uses Twitter. The answer: pretty much like the rest of us, just much funnier!

Frooch talked to Rob Delaney, Doug Benson, Todd Barry, Peter Serafinowicz, Rob Huebel and Kevin Biggins about how they got started on Twitter, their experience using it, and, of course, what makes a funny tweet funny. Biggins offers a nice summary of it all:

I think Twitter is a very good measuring stick of humor. You have to get your joke across in a very concise space. It's hard to do. One word can make the difference and I've missed the mark plenty of times. I beat myself up a bit if I feel my tweet wasn't as sharp as it could have been. Also, sometimes you can write "Shitty-shitty-poop-poop" and some people will laugh. Sometimes blunt and stupid is funny because it's so simple. Who knows? My goal is to make my buddies chuckle in their cubicles. If a bunch of other strangers and hot girls laugh, well, that's just a bonus. It's a little disappointing to see some of the comedians you've idealized be unfunny on Twitter. But, they have nothing to prove. They've been hilarious in other capacities. It just feels like they're staying in the league a year too long, like that asshole Brett Favre.

That's just one bit from the interview, which has got to be the most in-depth investigation of comedian-Twitter ever conducted. Important sociological work here, people! Go read the rest! [Splitsider]

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