Kogan Tries Its Hand At A WikiLeaks Site For Business

Kogan Tries Its Hand At A WikiLeaks Site For Business

 title=Ruslan Kogan is a pretty clever cookie when it comes to PR. His latest effort is to jump on board the WikiLeaks hype train by launching a version targetted at business called Tradeleaks.com

According to the media release, the site is “a simple way for consumers and whistleblowers within organisations to anonymously leak information, revealing any dodgy business practices of retail and trade around the world.”

Kogan promises that even his own company will be subjected to exposure on Tradeleaks”

“TradeLeaks is completely transparent and open. Of course, this means that someone could post something about their experiences with Kogan as well. We know that TradeLeaks will be judged by how transparently it is administered, so we are committed to the highest level of independence and objectivity. No posts will be removed, unless they are defamatory without fact.

It is interesting to note that there’s no mention that the site is owned and operated by Kogan on the Tradeleaks homepage, which sort of counteracts that whole transparency claim.

Still there are probably lots of interesting facts about dodgy retail practices out there that would be fascinating to know, so we’ll watch the site with interest…