Johnny Walker's iPhone App Is Sadly BYO Whisky...

Johnny Walker is launching an iPhone app called Whisky Master, which will apparently "teach consumers various ways to consume Scotch whisky, and give them appreciation of the Johnnie Walker range from Red Label to Blue Label". Sadly, the app doesn't actually come with some Blue Label Scotch for you to appreciate.

Aside from teaching you how to drink Scotch (insert into glass, raise glass to lips, pour scotch into mouth and swallow, I assume), it also includes recipes for whisky cocktails, and try and encourage Johnny Walker drinkers to attend a Johnny Walker tasting session. And to try and get you to use the app more than once, it actually grades your Whisky ranking, beginning at 'Taster', then moving on to 'Appreciator', 'Mixologist', 'Aficionado' and finallay 'Whisky Master', although you probably won't need to drink a drop to attain that rank.

The app will hit the App Store soon, but you can pre-register your interest here.

[Johnny Walker]

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