It’s Worth Giving IE9 Beta A Test Drive

It’s Worth Giving IE9 Beta A Test Drive

Has Microsoft learned its lessons about building a better browser? It doesn’t take long with Internet Explorer 9 beta to see that they have. Right now the beta is showing outstanding web render speed (thanks to GPU acceleration) plus very good standards compliance. And it’s getting better with every revision.

On Windows 7, IE9 beta offers special features like pinning and Jump Lists. Drag a favourite IE9 tab down to the taskbar and it becomes a direct launch icon. On websites where Jump Lists have been implemented, a right-click will bring up hotlinks to sections of the website.

It’s also web friendly, hidden away so it doesn’t ‘break’ pages when viewed in other browsers.

We’ve implemented Jump Lists on Gizmodo Australia, Lifehacker Australia, and Kotaku Australia, so readers can test the features out for themselves.

You can see live demonstrations showing just how good IE9 beta is looking at Beauty of the Web.