Is The iPad Meant To Save Newspapers Or Kill Them Quicker?

Is The iPad Meant To Save Newspapers Or Kill Them Quicker?

 title=A study from The Reynolds Journalism Institute in the US has found that iPad users like using the device to stay up to date on the latest news. Big surprise! But they also found that of those who use newspaper apps to facilitate this news-getting, more than half are planning on cancelling their newspaper subscription. So is this good or bad for the papers?

You can read the whole report here, but here’s the summary of the interesting part:

Among the 931 respondents who indicated that they currently subscribe to print newspapers, there is a statistically significant, moderately strong, positive correlation between iPad news consumption and the likelihood of canceling their print subscriptions. For example, more than half (58.1%) of the respondents who subscribe to printed newspapers and use their iPad at least an hour a day for news said they are very likely to cancel their print subscriptions within the next six months.

Ultimately the newspapers have to consider this a win, considering that people are actually paying for the apps, rather than just getting their info for free from the web. Although it’s surprising that the people who actually pay for newspapers would be silly enough to pay for paper content twice in the first place…

[RJI via Mumbrella]