Infinity Blade Now Available On The App Store

Did you watch the trailer of Epic Games' Infinity Blade last month and recover to find yourself sitting in a puddle of your own drool? Well, the game's now available on the App Store for both the iPhone and the iPad.

The action RPG will set you back $7.99, but looks unbelievably stunning. There's Game Center support from word go, and the game page promises multiplayer updates in the future, alongside more areas, weapons and armour.

I can't help but look at this and wonder how Sony ever expects a PSP2 to take off...

[iTunes - Thanks Alan]

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    I'm playing it now, and the graphics are unbelievable!

    Yeah I've been at it the whole morning! I love how after you complete an area you get the same save point sound in Shadow Complex

    Sometimes I feel like I'm the only person that doesn't like iPhone gaming. There is a world of difference between the experience of playing a PSP and an iPhone in my opinion. Maybe there will be a day in the future where there's a game on the iPhone that I can happily sink 60+ hours into. Until then, I carry around a PSP.

    That said, I'll buy this game, it looks sick.

      Unfortunately it plays like an on rails shooter. Gameplay over graphics anyday. No thanks.

      I have to totally agree with you. Sure the iphone can be great for casual pick up and play stuff, but for the majority of games I would much rather use the physical buttons/control stick of the PSP. I have long fingers and they take up half the screen when playing with my iphone!

      I agree... to a certain degree. Yes, my iPhone/Desire will never be able to play something like Metroid, Mario or anything else with finesse, but it's also perfect for certain other genres. Already playing most of the Phoenix Wright series on DS, I picked up the iPhone version on sale and you know what? It's perfect. The point-and-click adventuring genre really lends itself to the limitations of a touchscreen slab phone.

      I'm no longer the kid who used to lug his Game Boy around in a bum bag with half a dozen cartridges, extra batteries etc. In this day, and at my age, I find myself only carrying my phone/wallet/keys, and for these short trips, the iPhone is more than enough. Nothing will replace buttons for 'true' gaming, but then again... I don't find myself absolutely NEEDING to play the newest DS/PSP game on the 15 minute train to work either.

      Disclaimer: I do love my casual games, but I'm disappointed that 'casual' in the minds of most is synonymous with 'shallow.' I think you can make a great casual game that has a rich experience (Cut The Rope, PvZ, Reckless Racing, Infinity Blade), instead of just running on a shallow touchscreen gimmick (Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja).

    Dave - I am still for the portable consoles but I'm finding that since I have an iPhone with me at all times it's just easier to bring that 'all-in-one' device around with me. The fact that games are getting better on mobile phones makes it a no brainer to play them. I do agree however that some games don't belong on a touch screen device. I think Infinity Blade is the beginning of a new generation of gaming on mobile devices. I think Sony and Nintendo will feel the pinch (although I think the 3DS will also do very well)

      You're right. There's no doubt that the mobile platform has matured quickly over the last few years. I wonder if my aversion to touch screen gaming is a product of my generation. In a few years playing games with controllers will make about as much sense to kids as listening to music on vinyl..

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