iiNet Puts BoB On A Diet, Launches BoB Lite

iiNet Puts BoB On A Diet, Launches BoB Lite

 title=iiNet has taken their popular BoB modem/router/phone/VoIP device, stuck it on a treadmill and forced it to shed a heap of weight. The end result is the BoB Lite, which was released today by the ISP.

For just $99 outright, BoB Lite is a four port wireless router, just like its chunkier cousin, but doesn’t include the phone in the unit, and doesn’t support the BoB handsets. the product is the first to come out of iiNet’s new R&D facility. It will also support Fetch TV, which you probably worked out for yourself given that the picture of the unit has a FetchTV unit in it.

If you’re willing to sign up for a 24 month contract, you can get the router for just $69, saving you $30.

Given the move away from landlines in the home, this is a great option for people on Naked plans. For under $100, it’s a nice option.