HP's Justification For Printer Apps

HP sent us a note after yesterday's article on the ridiculous printing app from Yahoo!7 justifying their printer apps. Read it below:

HP continues to develop technology that enables our customers to print as they choose. Our Print Apps technology is turned off by default on each printer to ensure that it is the customer that decides when and how they use it. You are correct in your views on tablets and smartphones providing content, HP customers can view this content via the eStation product featuring a removable touchscreen without the need to print. The Daily news feed is for those customers that prefer summarised and or customised news feeds with the convenience of a hard copy. This will remain the customer’s choice on how and when to print. HP’s new range of printers also feature ePrint and Airprint to ensure customers have a choice of printing methods beyond the use of a PC.

What do you think? Noble attempt at offering consumers choice, or an evil plot to get people to use their printers more, thereby spending more money on ink?

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