How You Can Make Time Lapse Videos With Your DSLR

Philip Bloom is a time lapse photography wizard. Here he shows you how to make a simple, zoomy time lapse video with photos from your DSLR. Now you just need a plane ticket to Dubai or Prague or something. [Photoxels]


    Check out my time lapse effort for a while back. Beautiful Byron Bay

    Nice! But, to make the process faster, and more flexible. Rather than exporting the video at super-hi-res in Quicktime (which creates a MASSIVE file), just save it and select 'Save as a reference movie'. This means there is no time wasted on a large render, which can be very slow, that is essentially not needed. What is needed is the render from FinalCut. So this way, you can do it faster and work easier with even higher resolution (extreme zooms over a HD canvas at native res is possible). The only thing is you need to ensure your saved video and the pictures are managed together, due to their referenced relationship. In the end, you get the exact same result (shameless plug of my own work:

    i thought this was going to be more educational that 'stick your photos in a fast moving slideshow'..

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