How Do You Reach The Moon With Your SLR?

So you want to snap some detailed shots of the moon's surface, but you're over 320,000km away and lack any sort of telescope. No problem! At least if you have a bevy of focal length extenders. Improvised astronomy!

The crew at BorrowLenses stacked five Canon 2x focal length extenders on top of their 800mm lens, providing an image that was actually too close:

But when they took off a couple, the result was stunning.

Perhaps not the most practical way to get a gander at the moon, but it takes guts to use your gear in ways it isn't meant to be used - especially when the entire setup was "bending and flexing". Nothing that expensive should ever be bending or flexing. [PetaPixel]

Update: Reader Matt M. was kind enough to write in saying he was along with the crafty dudes who rigged this super mecha lens (which used a Canon 1D Mark IV), and has a video to prove it. The kids shooting the flick sound like giggly middle schoolers, but the footage is pretty terrific.

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