Here's The Cr-48, The First Chrome OS Laptop You Can't Buy

This is the first Chrome OS laptop. It's called the Cr-48, comes unbranded and isn't for sale. That's because the Cr-48 is a test notebook that's part of the Google Chrome OS Pilot Program. Too bad, I'd buy one of these.

Think of the Cr-48 as a reference design for future retail Chrome OS laptops. Here are the Cr-48's specs:

• 12.1-inch screen • Full size keyboard • Oversized clickpad • 3G/Wi-Fi/Flash Storage • Webcam • 3.8 pounds (1.7kg) • 8 hours of "active" use and 7 days of standby • Has a search button instead of a caps lock button

I love the unbranded look of the Cr-48 and can't help but think I'll be disappointed when the retail Chrome OS laptops (from Acer, Samsung) roll in around mid-2011 [Chrome OS Pilot Program]

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