Heel Worn Down? Never Mind, Just 3D Print A New One

Isn't it frustrating when a shoe part wears out, but everything else is fine? Like when the rim of your Converse cracks, but the upper looks - well, not new, but satisfactory. 3D-printing replacements could save our landfills - and wallets.

I suppose it's like going to the cobbler to get a heel replaced - instead of tossing the shoe out completely, you make do and mend. In Dutch shoe designer Marloes ten Bhömer's case, she 3D prints replacement parts. This also ensures the shoe fits its wearer perfectly, as every measurement can be input to CAD and printed out in minutes.

This particular shoe, the Rapidprototypedshoe (made like it says on the tin, I suppose) is made from various parts which slot together, so when they're worn out from much trampling, they can be replaced easily. It's on display at the Design Museum Holon in Israel now, as part of the "Mechanical Couture" exhibition. [Marloes ten Bhömer via Dezeen]

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