Grab An Online Bargain: The HMS Invincible

Grab An Online Bargain: The HMS Invincible

 title=Planning on avoiding the Christmas madness by doing all your shopping online? Why not buy your loved ones the gift that keeps on giving… a highly decorated warship!

The HMS Invincible is a 210 metre long light aircraft carrier built in 1980, which was destined to become a part of Australia’s navy back in 1982. But when the Falklands were invaded, the British Navy used the ship in the war over the Falklands and Australia decided not to buy it. I mean, who wants sloppy aircraft carrier seconds?

Now almost 30 years later, it sits in dock with its engines removed, generators and pumps not working, waiting for someone to buy it online via

If you actually click on the “Add to Cart” option on the online shopping page, you can’t actually proceed to the checkout for your warship purchase. The official reason is that the ship is actually only available for “sale by tender”, but we reckon it probably has something to do with there not being a checkout – virtual or real – big enough for a warship to sit on…

By the way, if anyone wants to know what to buy me for Christmas this year, follow the link below…

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