Get Intimate With A Night-Time Shrimp In 3D

Consider the shrimp. Delicious to eat, whether doomed to a deep fryer or steamed and dunked in cocktail sauce. But, they're also quite enjoyable to watch prancing around! Especially in 3D, seen here, with a suitably sci-fi underwater soundtrack.

The short film, shot and produced by Xavi Tello, follows a solitary shrimp (or "prawn", if you so please) as it skitters across the ocean floor, on the lookout for predators and fishermen working for fast food chains. The footage provides a fine, closeup look at the shrimp's anatomy, its graceful movements, and its nervous interactions with its sandy habitat. Its bulbous eyes capture an almost human anxiety - a daily struggle against the unknown. May your last days be tasty ones, small friend. [Xavi Tello]

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