Fujifilm X100's Hybrid Viewfinder Combines Optical Clarity With Digital Data Overload

Fujifilm is so pleased with the results offered by the viewfinder in its forthcoming Finepix X100 it's uploaded a comprehensive outline of the reasoning behind building it—and why having a hybrid viewfinder will make your photos better.

Fujifilm's created two main viewfinder modes for the X100, with a physical lever on the camera body letting snappers switch between them without fuss. OVF is the optical viewfinder option, giving users a 0.5x magnification, standard 35mm-style optical window of their shot. EVF is the electronic viewfinder as found in most digital cameras.

The cleverness Fujifilm's so proud of is its new take on the prism system, used here to overlay digital camera data from the LCD panel onto the optical image, creating a floating layer of raw data over the top of your accurate, non-processed view of the world.

So you get optical lens quality and clarity combined with today's digital technical assistance. [Fujifilm via Gadget Lab]

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