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This week on TreeHugger, rainbow machines (unicorns not included), satellites that hunt woodpeckers from space, hammock-shaped houses, new war games that use weather as weaponry, badass furniture designs and more.

Ecomodo Grows Communities for Lending and Renting Goods

Usually EcoModo refers to the title of TreeHugger's weekly column on Gizmodo. But apparently there's more than one "Ecomodo" — the second is a new website for sharing and trading your stuff with other people.

Students Create Dirt Cheap Solar Solution for Disinfecting Water

Using simple parts, their cheap set-up is a solution for safe drinking water in poor areas, and it won them a $US40,000 prize.

Professor Invents a Solar-Powered Rainbow Machine

Michael McKean, of the Virginia CommonWealth University, has spent the last 8 years working on his invention — a bona fide rainbow-making machine. And, just like its naturally occurring counterpart, these 'artificial' rainbows are produced in an eco-friendly way, too.

Test-Driving the Better Place Electric Vehicle Experience (Plus: See Their Roadside Battery-Swap Station in Action)

It's not just busy employees that are keeping things buzzing — 40,000 visitors, have passed through the door since Better Place opened opened to the public in February 2010. And we were among them. Check out what we saw.

New Elements of War Video Game Uses Weather As Weaponry

What happens when the government's attempts at controlling weather go horribly awry and cause havoc in global weather systems? warfare, of course! It's the premise of a new game in which armies use weather systems, like hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and so on to wipe each other out.

Solar Powered Rain Catchment Offers Shelter and a Fresh Drink

Here is an interesting concept for rainwater catchment. Created by Mostafa Bonakdar, a design student from Tehran, Iran, the structure is both a shelter during rain as well as a drinking fountain. It features both solar power and rainwater collection, with the solar power running a purification system inside.

Toshiba Releases Solar Powered e-Reader

Toshiba's Biblio Leaf has a solar cell embedded in the bottom of the device, somewhat like a solar powered calculator, so that it can be soaking up energy while not plugged in.

Satellite-Based Laser Hunts Woodpeckers from Space

Using a laser onboard NASA's Icesat spacecraft, University of Idaho scientists have been monitoring and tracking woodpeckers in the northern part of the state.

An Adjustable Book Shelf Lets You Put Your Own Spin On Your Living Room

Giant nuts & bolts for your living room that look really, really cool.

Pretty Crazy Small, Hammock-Shaped Home With Recycled Materials In Paraguay

The amazing-looking home not only looks, but also works as a hammock in its structure.

Milan Festival Of Light Includes Hanging LED Laundry

Undies that glow in the dark on clothes lines.

The Most Popular Posts in Green Tech & Gadgets in 2010

Check out what was hot in the green electronics scene this year.

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