Does Justin Bieber Stress You Out? These Heart-Rate-Monitoring Headphones Can Tell

Biometric devices and personal electronics have increasingly become intertwined over the years, but few have merged the two ideas as seamlessly as these headphones, which can also measure your heart rate.

The headphones are part of a collaboration between the European Space Agency and Swiss tech company CSEM. Using existing ESA technology, the two companies worked together to produce the Pulsar headphones. When placed in your ears, the wraparound mechanism on the headphones sends an infrared signal through your ear tissue/cartilage, which then reads your heartrate and sends the info back to the home device.

This particular prototype is working with an iPhone that has a special passthrough adaptor plugged into the headphone jack, and a custom app for visualizing the data. Future iterations of the technology could also provide more detailed information, such as oxygen levels in the body. But for now, this is still in the prototype stage, as no commercial partners have been announced. [ESA via Slashgear]

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