Does Anyone Know Where Kimberly, Wisconsin's Time Capsule Is?

In 1985, officials in Kimberly, Wisconsin buried a time capsule. They were supposed to open it this year to commemorate the village's 100th anniversary, but they've run into something of a snag: no one knows where the damn thing is.

The capsule, a 2-foot-long piece of PVC pipe containing various local news clippings, coins, and, in an oddly prescient decision, a can of New Coke, was buried outside the village's municipal building in 1985. It had to be dug up in 1997 when the building was remodeled, but Dave Vander Velden, Kimberly street commissioner, says no one's quite sure where it ended up.

This isn't necessarily the first time a time capsule's gone missing, but Kimberly has not given up hope on finding theirs—officials are now scouring the area with metal detectors hoping to stumble upon the package. New Coke is hard to come by, after all. [Minneapolis St. Paul Star Tribune via Neatorama]

Image credit Sfllaw

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