Do You Have The Guts To Drive This Snow Cycle Down A Mountain?

This gulp-inducing ride, based on a 1949 Austrian design, set a Guinness World Record for longest vertical drop—going 66 mph. Now, you can own it—though we'd advise practicing with some neighbourhood sledding before taking it up the Alps.

The Snow Cycle uses two main front and back skis for steering, with stabilizing foot-mounted blades for stabilisation. Luckily, a padded seat is also included, should you hit any debris and/or children. Steering is accomplished with an adjustable t-bar (and a good sense of balance). And in case you were worried, Hammacher Schlemmer assures that the ride "withstands the battering of snow, ice, and meltwater." Phew! This sounds much more durable than my cardboard and glass sled from last year. If you can manage to stay on the thing, it looks like it would be a hell of a good time. [Hammacher Schlemmer via BeSportier]

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