Design The Skin For The GizMod Rukus

Design The Skin For The GizMod Rukus

So far it’s got a new headunit, rear-seat screens, reverse camera, and a NextG router, and there’s more of the good stuff coming next week. But we’re looking for your ideas on the final element: a full body printed skin by Autografika that will be wrapped around the car. Whether you want to give us a full blown design, or just a crazy idea, we want to see what you’ve got!

We’re taking the Gizmod to Canberra so Autografika can wrap it in a process that takes most of a week to complete. The prints are busted out on a giant Epson printer over a full day of printing, then the car has to be stripped down for application and then built back up again after a special heat treatment. This same print process has been applied to at least one Bugatti Veyron, so we figured if it’s good enough for a Veyron…

First, you need to download the PDF Rukus template. Then, using your vector illustrating software of choice, you need to create a design for the Rukus. The only condition is that it needs to be done as a vector art format. Once you’ve completed your design, send it back to us at with the subject line “Rukus design” by 11:59pm on December 9.

If you don’t think you’ve got the design chops, tell us your ideas in the comments. So far we’ve been thinking TRON styles, circuitry strips, barcode stripes, motherboard detailing, and splash graphic flames made from cables. Who’s got an idea to make this the techiest looking ride in the country?

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