Cydia Will Take On The Mac App Store, Too

Cydia: it's everyone's favourite path to those juicy jailbroken iOS apps Apple wants to keep from you. And its curators are taking the show to Macs, offering an alternative to the Mac App Store. But... uh... why?

While a mirror App Store makes sense given how locked-down iOS is, Apple's so far not proposed any such restrictions on what OS X users can download. You can, and will continue to be able to, download whatever you darn well please. Unless! Apple at some point starts imposing the same censorship on Macs that they have on iPhone and iPad.

That's really why Cydia's coming to Mac; as a precautionary measure. Sure, right off the bat it'll allow you to do things the Mac App Store won't let you, like make in-app payments and view demos. But that's just prologue. The real show begins if and when Apple decides to limit your download options for your computer. That's when Cydia becomes the ghost in the machine. [Cult of Mac]

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