Creepy Camera Concept Lets You Stroke Strangers From Afar

Normally, peering at strangers through my 70x zoom lens makes me "creepy" or whatever. Not so for those using "Displays of Affection", a concept device that lets users stare (longingly?) at pedestrians from above, and caress them via touchscreen. Yeah.

The creepycam's creator says her hope is to "follow loved ones and satisfy any craving for touching them without the risk of being rejected, disappointed or otherwise emotionally hurt". Or, you know, sudden police intervention.

The device itself - a fuzzy telephoto camera with an integrated touchscreen, isn't so strange at all, in itself. But the demo video is nothing but disquieting - look at the way the woman smiles at the end! Sure, it's probably just a commentary on the we're all so isolated from one another in the 21st century bit, but still! Why is she so lonely in that spartan apartment? Why does she keep e-touching that pregnant woman and her kid? Why do I kind of want one of these? It's certainly more sophisticated than turning to Chatroulette—and I suppose that, to a certain (and less literal) extent, this is just a more blatant version of what we do on Facebook every day. [designboom]

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