Crazy John's Has A Pretty Sweet Prepaid BlackBerry Deal

A few years ago, it was literally impossible to get a plan for a Blackberry without signing up to a contract and getting a bundled phone. But times have changed, and this prepaid bundle from Crazy John's is actually pretty good.

For $29 you get a prepaid SIM card with six months worth of unlimited BlackBerry email and internet access. It's a bit weak on the call and text inclusions, but with unlimited BlackBerry email and internet, there's no need to text anyway, is there?

After the six month period has expired, there's also the possibility of recharging your email and browsing on the device for $24.95.

You do need to bring your own BlackBerry to the party, but if you happen to have an old device lying around, this is a great way to bring it back online.

[Crazy Johns]

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