Counterfeiters Will Be Out Of A Job If Banknotes Go Electronic

Nevermind that banknotes are less than a millimetre thick, they're soon going to be stamped with electronic circuits for yet another anti-counterfeit measure. The notes will be traceable thanks to the semiconducting organic molecules, potentially putting a stop to bank-heists.

The research was undertaken by German and Japanese scientists, who used gold, aluminium oxide and the organic molecules to create transistors on the notes. Each TFT measures under 250 nanometres thick, and requires 3V of wireless electricity to be read.

If this puts a stop to the Oceans series of movies, then that's even better. We should let George Clooney and Brad Pitt retire with the dignity they deserve. [New Scientist via Pop-Sci]

Image Credit: Surat Lozowick

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