Convicted Murderer Posts Prison Party Pics On Facebook

Justin Walker is serving a 30-year sentence for the killing of an Oklahoma Sheriff. "Jus N" has a Facebook page. Also, apparently, a Blackberry, a bong, a stash of weed, knives, some booze and other goodies inside his jail cell.

Oklahoma's FOX 23 News found out about "Jus N Walk" and his Facebook page, which sadly no longer contains the photographs of Walker taking bong rips, drinking hooch and licking shanks. He likes fantasy novels, the movie Natural Born Killers, and, according to FOX 23, adheres to white power ideology. Watch the news report below:

After this report aired, the Oklahoma Department of Corrections moved Jus N Walk from the medium security Granite Reformatory to the Oklahoma State Penitentiary. Officers found his phone and weed. It was just too good to be true, wasn't it, Jus N?

[via Mediaite, images via Facebook]

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