Clocks Don't Get Much More Naked Than This

If the giant baroque grandfather clock has a bizarro world twin, this is it. Designer Daniel Weil has stripped the timepiece bare, so that every component is functional and completely visible. And, it doesn't hurt that the thing looks beautiful.

Weil's objective was to make the concept of time - oh, you know, that simple little thing - a little bit less cosmically mysterious, by reducing the parts of the clock to the bare essentials. "Time can be reduced to hours, minutes and seconds, just as a clock can be reduced to its component parts," Weil explains. "This doesn't explain time, but in a way simply exposes its mysterious essence." Maybe. But maybe it also just looks great. Entirely transparent design is always enjoyable - and the thing is only powered by a thin rubber belt, driven by a single AA battery. Now that is minimal. [Pentagram via Core77]

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