Childhood Memories Recreated

Earlier this year, popular videoblogger Ze Frank asked readers to recreate, as adults, pictures of themselves as kids. The idea has caught on so well that people are now giving these pictures to family as Christmas gifts.

Here's the re-staged 21-year-old picture one Reddit user says she is giving to her mum as a present:

Also popping up online today was this shot of a guy on his (generously cooperative) mom's lap:

Here are some of the shots we liked from Ze Frank's "Young Me/Old Me Favorites" blog this month:

["Pigeon Toed"]

["Hand to Cheek"]

["Frozen Laugh"]

It's true that you can't relive the past, but you can at least imitate it. And judging by these pictures, you can have a lot of childlike fun in the process.


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