Cassette Lamp Is A Shining Ode To Analogue

Cassettes are sort of strangely attractive on their own, in a bulky, obsolete sort of way - so adding a brilliant bulb behind a box of them could only be pretty. The Tape Lamp does just that - and surprisingly non-tackily too.

Transparent House - the design team behind the Tape Lamp - wanted a physical marker to the rapidly disappearing medium. Tapes! People used to cherish the (now somewhat alien) plastic things. The team opted for microcassettes instead of standard audio tape for aesthetic purposes, but 100 of them packed into a plexiglass frame is still a visual treat. Plus—wind each one back and forth however you'd like to change the look of your lamp. The feeling of my finger in one of those spiky little cassette holes is already bringing back a wave of analogue nostalgia. [Tape Lamp via Yanko]

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