Bomb Squad Detonates Toy Robot After Terrorising Rush Hour Traffic

Score one for the good guys! A minuscule model robot shut down Denver traffic for hours after someone glued it to the base of a bridge - it was deemed "suspicious". So the police blew it up into "several chunks".

If you're wondering why a child's toy was able to paralyse a 100-yard radius of urban space, you aren't alone! "I can't believe it. This is ridiculous," said one bemused denizen, stopped by police as he tried to pass through the area. Luckily, he was kept a safe distance from the robot menace. A police spokesman said the bot was blown up to "render it safe", but later commented "It was cemented in. That's odd." Although being deemed "strange" enough to be worth shutting down streets over and later destroying, the toy turned out to be "A whole lot of nothing." But the streets are safe - for now. [Denver Post via Fark]

Image Credit: RJ Sangosti, The Denver Post

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