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From ludicrously affordable globe-trotting to finding the perfect spot to park your pr0n, 2010 was a good year to do it yourself. Check out the the best of 2010's How-To guides.

1. How To: Jailbreak Any iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad

So, you've heard about jailbreaking, and it sounds intriguing. And dangerous. (But mostly just intriguing.) Here's how to hack your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad-yes, iPad-into an unrestricted, freshly empowered mega-machine.

2. How to Travel Around the World for $US418

Steve Kamb decided he wanted to travel the world for as little money as possible. This map is his travel plan: 35,000 miles, visiting four continents, nine countries and 15 cities for just $US418. Here's how he got it.


How to Stop the Government From Tracking Your Location (Illegally!)

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals just decided that it was legal for the police to put a GPS tracking device on your car, sitting in your driveway, on your property. Here's how to protect yourself.

4. How To: Access Your Entire Computer From an iPad

I don't buy into the iPad as a laptop replacement-not quite. But it is fantastic at tapping into your computers to access video and audio, documents, and even your full desktop, remotely. Here's how.

5. How To Talk Your Way Into a Cheaper Cable Bill

You're spent, literally. Holiday shopping has thoroughly ravaged your wallet and soul. That means it's time to rein in the discretionary expenses for the New Year. There's no better place to start than that grotesque $US180 cable bill.

6. Master the Essentials: 29 Crucial PC Skills

Do you consider yourself a power user? It's a tough question. After all, where do you draw the line? Hardware hacking? Command-line skills? Unix? These 29 essential PC skills define the core competency of any power user.

7. How To: Try Android Froyo On Your Computer

Google's next version of Android, 2.2 "Froyo", is obviously a huge step, and we've done what we can to explain what's so great about it. But enough reading, why not try it for yourself?

8. How To: Hide Your "Collection"

All this talk about preserving digital legacies got me thinking: What about the bits we don't want to leave behind? Y'know, the risqué material? Don't pretend you don't know what I'm talking about.

9. How to Protect All Your Precious Stuff

From your latest gadgets to your expensive big TV and even your car, here's a complete guide about how to protect all your precious material things from thieves.

10. 19 Tips Every Windows 7 User Needs To Know

Your OS drives your whole PC experience, so it's your job as an enthusiast to keep it in a high state of tune. Here's how to do just that with Windows 7.

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