App Of The Day: Flipboard For iPad

Apple named Flipboard the best iPad app of the year, but its developers aren't resting on their laurels. Flipboard 1.1 brings a slew of updates, including support for Google Reader, Flickr and new ways to interact with Twitter and Facebook.

What is it?

Flipboard's been celebrated as one of the iPad's finest apps, and deservedly so - it does a great job of taking the torrent of text links that occupy our Facebook and Twitter feeds and arranging them into a beautiful little pseudo magazine. The new Flipboard update crunches and beautifies even more content - a small but cool stable of sites (Uncrate, Williams-Sonoma, All Things Digital, Washington Post Magazine, etc), RSS feeds via Google Reader, Flickr, and individual facets of Twitter and Facebook (@replies, Twitter lists; Facebook groups, photos in your feed, videos in your feed, etc). The update also brings the ability to compose Tweets and Facebook updates from within the app, giving you less reason to leave than ever.

Who's it good for?

People who want the meat of their social media displayed in a much prettier format; people who don't freak out when they don't see every tweet; people who want to keep up with what their friends are sharing without actually visting Facebook.

Why's it better than alternatives?

For wrapping your Facebook and Twitter feeds up in a gorgeous outfit, there's nothing that comes close. And it's free! Ugh, it's great.

How could it be even better?

I guess it'd be nice to have more individual sites to pick from, but it's kinda hard to find things to complain about.

You can grab Flipboard in the App Store for freeeee.

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